Lead Review (In Italy: Venice, Rome and Beyond)

  • Book: In Italy: Venice, Rome and Beyond
  • Location: Assisi, Rome, Venice
  • Author: Cynthia Zarin

Review Author: tripfiction




What a delightful travelogue of lyrical observation. If you have been to either Venice or Rome (or, Assisi for that matter, also briefly included), you will find the level of detail and scrutiny beguiling and riveting.

The author moves around the cities, almost stealthily, imbibing the atmosphere and recreating her impressions for her readers. It isn’t a glossy rendering of place but she is skilled at imbuing her accounts with acuity and perception:

“The treasures of Venice are like dreams told before breakfast. When they leave the light of La Serenissima they turn to dross…” How often have any of us bought a little keep-sake and then reflected on the wisdom of the purchase, once home!

She captures the very essence of the place she is describing, as you walk the streets and inhale the atmosphere in her company. In Rome she ponders that the city feels like a very masculine city, whereas Venice, in contrast, is more feminine.

My interest was particularly piqued when I discovered that she and a friend visited Vino Olio on the Via dei Banchi in Rome, a bar-cum-eatery just off the Via Giuglia – I just love it when you are pulled into a book in this way and I was wonderfully transported back to a beautiful evening of casual dining as the sun set….. and that is what #literarytourism is all about! You can read our review about the restaurant on TripAdvisor.

This is a little gem of a book that will take you to all kinds of nooks and crannies across Italy and transport you back if you have been; maybe even inspire you to want to visit.


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