Lead Review (On Borrowed Time)

  • Book: On Borrowed Time
  • Location: Rutland
  • Author: Adam Croft

Review Author: tripfiction




No passport needed. If you want a trip to Hong Kong (and over to Shanghai), set around the time of the handover to China (which took place in 1997), then this is your go-to novel. The immense colour of the island is depicted through food, places and the feel of local life, all set within the parameters of a well-drawn mystery. This is an author who is clearly familiar with setting, who possesses a gift for bringing this part of the world to life.

Emma in Hong Kong is trying to find the truth behind the death of her brother, 4 years earlier and then has to decide how she handles her life going forward. In Shanghai Kwok-wah has gone against his family’s wishes and has landed there to study and has to adapt to the ways of his new life.

The stories of several characters dovetail amidst the growing tension of the political situation, which serves as dynamic backdrop to the story.

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