Lead Review (Romance on Corfu)

  • Book: The Raven Witch of Corfu – episode 1 of 4
  • Location: Messonghi
  • Author: Effrosyni Moschoudi

Review Author: tripfiction



There are 4 episodes of The Raven Witch of Corfu produced in digital format. The paperback of the book, however, is not serialised, but forms one large volume of 390 pages that contains the whole story. But the serialisation is a nice and novel way to go… you can choose which format you prefer!!!

20 years ago Lizzie, together with her twin brother Tom, spent a holiday on Corfu but she and her family had to return home to England without her beloved brother. Tom had gone to save a baby goat and it was then that Phoni, the witch, had stolen him to aid her in her nether world, living in the caves. Phoni promised that she would return Tom to his sister if she returned exactly 20 years later and came back to ‘claim’ him: “Twenty years after today, not a day earlier or later, return at midnight, if you wish, and claim your brother back”, And now, here she is, Lizzie is in Messonghi to expedite his release.

Biding her time until the appointed time, Lizzie has to settle in and get to know the locals… amongst whom is Stamatis, a rather attractive young man who can turn his hand to virtually anything (we are talking fishing, plumbing and electrics, nothing more in Episode 1!).

The ravens dip and circle and Lizzie soon discovers their ominous portent. Death!

The appointed time arrives and she goes over to the caves to meet Phoni and see her bother. Time is very different in the world of witches and Tom comes to her. He neither knows who she is, nor does she at first recognise Tom. He is a free young man, but he still has tasks to fulfil within 10 days. Or Phoni will claim him back!

The author has a nice easy-to-read style and as Episode 1 comes to an end, the ending opens up to lead the reader into the next instalment. The sense of place is very Greek; the sun lifts the mood and brightens the colours, the food feels very tempting and the warm seas are ripe for a quick dip…

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