Lead Review (Summer at the Santorini Bookshop)

  • Book: Summer at the Santorini Bookshop
  • Location: Santorini
  • Author: Rebecca Raisin

Review Author: tripfiction



Romcom set on Santorini

Evie has the most amazing job in LA. She is a book scout, searching out romance novels that will translate well into celluloid. However, her boss isn’t into mushy feelings and wants to focus more on rambo-style action thrillers, so she finds herself out of a job.

She is a retiring young woman, not keen on too much human company – essentially she is wedded to her books. Her grandmother refers to her as the ‘bookworm sprite’.

Evie doesn’t have long to sit and reflect upon her jobless situation because her mother and sister discuss with her the plight of their grandmother, who is on marriage no.9 and, who has seemingly run into financial difficulties whilst renovating her new pet project: the bookshop on Santorini called Bibliotherapy. Evie is tasked with flying over there to check up on her grandmother and really suss out what is going on.

Her grandmother has been caught up in the thrill of the bookshop renovation. She has been on the move all her life and finally she thinks she has found ‘the’ place for her golden years. If it is indeed her last hurrah, she wants to leave a literary legacy, “..a wonderland for fiction fanatics, book sniffers, those who judge a book by its cover, plot twist aficionados….”

Yes, her grandmother might not be totally solvent at the moment, her latest husband is working off-shore to bring in cash. She does unfortunately owe money to quite a few people. Not to mention the cost of care of her six rescue dogs. Ah, a kind and colourful woman who does things her way, her family should know this by now.

The landlord is owed money and so, her grandmother devises a fiendish plan, which involves Evie fake dating the bronzed and gorgeous Georgios, the son of the landlord, to keep everyone on-side whilst the finances get sorted. As the two chat, they both discover they have a background in books. How could this story possibly unfold ?

The bookshop is beautifully set against a lush Santorini backdrop, it’s truly “.. a sun-drenched literary paradise…” with its books all colour coded (tricky to find what you want!), positioned against the white washed houses and blue sky and sea. If you are a booklover and have been to Santorini, you may well have come across the most beautiful bookshop in the world in Oia, Atlantis Books (there is some debate whether the bookstore is still open). Add in a few Greek donuts – Loukoumades – and you have a fully rounded virtual trip to Santorini. It’s been a pleasure to visit.

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