Lead Review (The Conspirators)

  • Book: The Conspirators
  • Location: Ljubljana, Villach
  • Author: G W Shaw

Review Author: Tina Hartas



Carinthia is a one-off setting and much of the action takes place in a locked-room (as it were) luxury villa, not far from the Millstätter See. So, of course we were going to read it.

Jacob Meaney is a translator, who is on a break from his relationship. His girlfriend is keen to buy a property but given his fairly meagre income, he is going to struggle to stump up his share of the deposit, much to her displeasure. His problems could be solved by the serendipitous arrival of Eloise, an Australian digital marketeer, who just rocks up at his door and invites him onto a specialist project because of his command of Hindi, Russian and English – where rather than translating, he will be working more as an interpreter, which requires quite a different skill set. But he is up for the challenge, as the significant financial reward may help get his relationship back on track.

Thus it is off to the sumptuous villa in the middle of nowhere, guarded by an armed patrol, where he discovers the true nature of his proposed work. There is a big deal and a proposed potential take over of a company that trades in counterfeit fertility drugs. Myroslav is his host, and Vlada a young Ukrainian woman, a trafficked worker, whose family is being held hostage back home, angrily tends to all the domestic and cooking chores. Nazim is the evil and ruthless gangster who wants to acquire the rights to the drugs, at any cost. What a set up to walk into, as Jacob soon discovers.

This is an easy-to-follow story with a wry and witty slant, as Jacob, the hapless hero, finds his inner strength to find an escape plan. An enjoyable caper in Carinthia.

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