Love letter to Bath

  • Book: The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen
  • Location: Bath
  • Author: Ada Bright, Cass Grafton

Review Author: ObsessedwithMrDarcy



The story takes place in Bath, which is my favourite city in the UK, and luckily the authors’ love of Bath screams from the pages as well. How wonderful it is to read about streets, places, buildings which you are familiar with and the writers have the same tenderness. Read the book, sketch a note about the places mentioned in the story and have a literary walk in Bath, you won’t regret it.

The 2 main characters are Rose (British) and Morgan (American). I think or hope everyone has a friend like Morgan. She is very American – in a good way. All the main characters (Rose, Morgan, James, the Doc, Jenny) are well developed and I almost miss more of some of the minor characters.

It almost starts like a romance, but it isn’t the priority. I believe it is more of a mystery than romance but when it comes to describing the affairs it’s well developed and the scenes are beautiful.

In the beginning of the book you might want to jump up to the end to find out what’s happened, but at the same time you want to absorb in the mystery and not rushing to solve it.

If you have ever attended the Jane Austen Festival, you’ll be glad to know that those scenes will make you definitely want to go back right now or if you haven’t been there, you will want to.

The ending indicates there will be a sequel, which I dearly hope, as the authors can’t be so heartless to finish it with a paragraph they did and let the explicit story hang.

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