Missed chances of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with the foodie pleasures of Chocolat

  • Book: The Villa Girls
  • Location: Italy, London, Mallorca
  • Author: Nicky Pellegrino



This book is brilliant from almost the first page. In alternate chapters, it follows Rosie- a confused and lonely 18 year old living in London, and Enzo- a popular and flashy 21 year old living in the small town of Triento in Italy. Each of their lives seem to be geographically and metaphorically miles apart, and yet there is something (mainly the passion for food explained in every chapter) which will inevitably bring them together.
Enzo is to inherit his family’s olive estate, and when he discovers a secret which tears his family apart, it also forces Rosie to leave her holiday in Triento early, thus forcing the couples romance apart.

This book really is beautifully written, and the descriptions of the amazing Spanish and Italian food really does make the mouth water! (On my first night of reading it, i had to go out to buy olives and parma ham, just to be able to keep on reading!) Pellegrino’s style is uncomplicated and yet there are a few surprising twists to the narrative, but overall a really good read! Anyone going to particularly Italy, but also London and Mallorca, should give this book a read- it brightens up the scenery, and describes the beautiful smells and textures asscoiated with food!

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