Nepalese adventure

  • Book: Down and Out in Kathmandu
  • Location: Nepal
  • Author: Jennifer S Alderson

Review Author: jnalpath



This story has a great female lead and an exotic setting. Jennifer Alderson created an interesting character, Zelda Richardson. We all can relate to her in our own lives. Zelda gets in over her head by volunteering to teach English in Nepal. She is idealistic, courageous, and down to earth. She tries to make the best out of the situation, gets frustrated and grows along the way. I was completely immersed in the country of Nepal. The images were vividly concocted in my mind. I wanted to visit Nepal to see the sights and try the food. I was so swept up in the novel that I want to read Zelda’s continuing adventures in the next book. This book drew me in because it was set in Nepal. I learned alot and would like to visit someday. I recommend reading this title.

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