• Book: Sex and the City
  • Location: New York City (NYC)
  • Author: Candace Bushnell



If a chick flick could be made in to a book, this would be it. it took me about 3 hours to read this book, probably about the same amount of time it would have taken me to watch a film (with obvious breaks to fetch chocolate and wine!) That probably gives you a fair idea of how tasking this book is. i.e not very. However it is perfectly readable. and i really thoroghly enjoyed it!! It follows the glamorous New York life of writer wanabe Carrie Bradshaw, and her 3 fabulous friends, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. and for 3 hours, i got to pretend like i was one of the girl group. i felt like i was sitting around their white table clothed table, eating tiny portions of salad and drinking expensive wine. i felt like i was sitting at the coolest bar in New York, drinking cosmopolitans, and chatting up the best looking waiter in the bar. it was a fun, girly, romantic, hilarious read. but as written in the book ‘it’s not Toldstoy’. I read this book just before i headed off to New York. and quite frankly, for an 18 year old, which i was at the time, there was no better book to get me excited about the possibilities of New York. I literally couldnt wait to jump on the plane and try and re-live the moments that the girls have in the book, with some of my frinds in real life! it was the perfect pre-holiday read to get me in the mood for NYC!!!

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