Perfect blend of fact and fiction

  • Book: The Good Cop
  • Location: Munich
  • Author: Peter Steiner

Review Author: EmmabBooks



Set in Munich, most of this historical thriller takes place during the years between the two world wars.  It is a fascinating and informative read about what was going on in Germany at that time, as well as a great thriller.

Maximilian travels home to Munich from the battle grounds of the Great War.  He finds work as an artist for a newspaper, and so becomes involved in observing the massive changes taking place in Germany at this time. He and his girlfriend Sophie become personally involved in the disruption and violence the Nazi party are bringing to the streets of Munich, and so meet Detective Willi Geismeier.  The Detective has a high success rate in investigating crimes, but is latterly finding his efforts are being disrupted by every growing corruption.

This is a fascinating read about what was going on in Germany at the time of Hitler’s emergence, and how he succeeded in his quest for power.  Willi Geismeier’s investigation of some crimes that involve Sophie and Maximilian are an integral part of the thriller, but for me the real interest are the historical facts, and the parallels with what is going on in the world today.

5*s from me for this thriller, where historical facts and fiction are blended perfectly.

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