Powerful . Highly Recommend

  • Book: The Story of a New Name
  • Location: Naples
  • Author: Elena Ferrante

Review Author: Mellington



I enjoyed Ferrante’s first book in the Neapolitan Quartet but found this second book so much more powerful.

The girls of the first book are 16 at the start of this one, and the story tracks them as they become women, following their own paths as they fall in love, discover sex and relationships.

As before, the Neapolitan slum community provides a backdrop for the girls, alliances are made and broken around them.

The locations widen to include Ischia and Pisa where some of the characters holiday and study, as the narrator’s word widens, always returning to the neighbourhood where the girls’ story started. We see the girls experiences diverge as their choices affect their paths.

Ferrante’s language is elegant and restrained which makes her descriptions of casual violence so much more powerful. A must read.

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