Protect our Bees

  • Book: Coffin Road
  • Location: Isle of Harris
  • Author: Peter May

Review Author: Bev Bookless



I was given this book to read by a beekeeper and asked to pass it on to another beekeeper when I had finished, which I have done.
This is a fast moving book, which keeps you reading well into the night. A man finds himself washed up on a beach not knowing how he got there, who he is and what he is doing in the Hebrides. He sets out trying to find out who he is and he makes a discovery, which makes his confusion even greater. I don’t want to give too much away, because the discovery as you read is thrilling and intriguing.
However, we beekeepers are fully aware of the environmental dangers to bees. Peter May is very good at describing the landscape, the weather and it’s impact. I’ve not visited The Hebrides, but having read this book I am now keen to go.

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