Red Snow delights!

  • Book: Red Snow
  • Location: Sweden
  • Author: Will Dean

Review Author: readerofbooks



So looking forward to this as I’d read Dark Pines (and enjoyed it immensely), and Red Snow did not disappoint. There are no car chases, no gun fights, just atmospheric coldness and small town mysteries puzzling Tuva Moodyson, a deaf reporter on the local paper. And boy, do you feel the cold! The town of Gavrik is full of characters so well depicted by Will Dean that we feel we are there, we sense their fear with a killer on the loose. We feel their isolation in a blizzard struck town. The weird family who own the liquorice factory that Gavrik depends on – how bizarre and yet intriguing they are. And Tuva, deaf and independent, likeable Tuva, who has carved a life for herself by disregarding her disability. Will Dean is an exceptional talent with a great eye for detail, and yet amongst the grit and the darkness there is a black humour through comment and character. An author indeed to keep following.

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