The Rock

  • Book: Shadow of the Rock
  • Location: Gibraltar, Tangier
  • Author: Thomas Mogford

Review Author: BrawLass



The central character of this book is Spike who is a Tax Lawyer turned Private Detective based in Gibraltar. Spike’s friend Solomon arrives from Tangiers where he has been accused of murdering a girl and he is trying to avoid extradition as he fears being locked up in jail there so he wants Spike to help him.
The book has good descriptions of Gibraltar and Tangiers and quite a believable plot although I found it difficult to follow exactly what was happening at times. Some of the coincidences in the story were a bit far fetched and I found the references to Paganini were quite contrived but I thought it was good to have his father and dog brought in to the story as it made Spike seem more believable.
It would probably be better to read it at one sitting which I was unable to do because of family (and grandchildren)!

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