Romance novel set in ANTIBES

  • Book: Promises To Keep
  • Location: French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), Lyon, Provence, Toronto
  • Author: Patricia Sands

Review Author: tripfiction



“In front of her was a postcard scene from Provence in June. An enormous field of golden sunflowers glistened with an intensity that was hard to believe, as if someone had plastered a Visit Provence poster smack in her face. To one side was a classic mas, with its outbuildings, the shades of the yellow-gray limestone farm structures softened by the mid-afternoon sun. Traditional weathered blue shutters on the south facing windows and doors were flung open on this fine day.”

UntitledThis is the second book in the “Love in Provence” Trilogy by Patricia Sands and it can easily be read a stand alone. No. 3 I Promise you This is out on 17th May 2016.

Katherine is now with Philippe, who sells wonderful cheeses at the market with his partner Gilles. Almost at the point of returning to her home city of Toronto, Katherine is seduced not only by the wonderful man whom she has come to know an love, but by the enchanting medieval town that is Antibes. How different her life here is compared to Canada, the frantic start of the working day compared with the relaxed ambience of a city waking up in France. She decides not leave on her plane back to Canada and decides to stay and forge a life with Philippe..

From the Luberon in book no. 1, Kat settles into life in Antibes, a relatively small place. The small town is agog with this new romantic development and she is acutely aware of the little drama she has caused, as she sips her the au citron in her local café Le Vieil Antibes, and as she peruses Nice-Matin for her daily dose of French. As Philipe says: You know how the town loves to gossip. Indeed it does.

But one day as she accompanies Philippe to a small village, Entrevaux, they are suddenly chased by another car, a scary hairpin ascent does nothing to calm Kat. There are secrets in Philippe’s past that have not been shared, and they come back to haunt him and cast a shadow over their plans to renovate Philipe’s old and decrepit family house situated on the Cap d’Antibes, the peninsula between Baie des Anges and Baie de Cannes. It seems there is illicit activity going on down in the cove below. Can she trust Philippe and how will things pan out?

Kat spends many hours with her camera, perhaps on the Chemin de Calvaire and up to the lighthouse – the author conjures up the most lovely imagery to capture this beautiful part of the world. In TripFiction terms you are nowhere else but the South of France. And then there are beautiful descriptions of the build up to Christmas – and of course the detail of the cheeses on Philipe’s stall, from the Vacherin to the Morbier and Roqueforts, a delicious round-up of foodie heaven set against the smells and sounds of Yuletide.

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