Rome, India, Bali

  • Book: Eat Pray Love
  • Location: Bali, India, Rome
  • Author: Elizabeth Gilbert



Eat Pray Love is definitely one of my favourite books. (And not just because I read it in 2 days lying on the beach in Bali!) It’s colourful, exciting, romantic and the reader is left with a huge desire to travel to all the destinations mentioned in the book. Well, Italy and Bali for sure!

It’s written as the life of Elizabeth Gilbert, which, if you can get over the slightly self-obsessed points of view, can actually be very witty and insightful. Feeling unfulfilled with her marriage and carrier she decides to up root and leave, spending 4 months in Italy, 4 in Italy and ending in Bali. In Italy she beautifully explores Rome and the surrounding towns, doing not a lot but eating pasta and pizza and meeting some wonderful new people. She spends her time in India in an Ashram, studying the local Indian culture and beliefs in meditation. This is probably the slowest of the three sections, but it is by no means boring or uneventful. She then ends in Bali and beautifully describes the lives of all the Balinese people she meets and (obviously from the title!) falls in Love with a very handsome Brazilian.

This is definitely a must read for everyone, but especially for those travelling to Italy, India or Bali!


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