Seasonaire – that’s the life!

  • Book: War and Piste (War & Piste)
  • Location: Austrian Alps
  • Author: Alex Thomas



This book bowls through a winter season, somewhere in Austria. It is written, apparently, under a pen name of an author who is well known, so it is well written and well observed. It is populated by a lot of characters so it is helpful to have a list of who’s who at the the beginning, however, there were a couple of things that didn’t feel quite right – Snowli, the kids character in the book isn’t Austrian, he is part of the Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools (Austrian characters are more likelly to be Goofy and Bobo). And one diary entry is 11.14am, when the entry actually talks about 6.45am, which made it a bit confusing time line wise. My edition was printed on THE most white of white paper, which was eye aching over time. (Leisure Centre – if the audience knows about Stroh 80, Jaegermeister etc, they will also know it is “Wellness”). Irritating fundamental error – the accent on Apres Ski goes the wrong way! Neverthelss, as a read, it flows, it is entertaing generally and would be a great read for anyone who is familiar with skiing in Austria.

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