Set in Natchez country of the US

  • Book: Sacred Mounds – A Historical Fantasy
  • Location: Mississippi, Natchez, The Hudson Valley
  • Author: Jim Metzner

Review Author: author@tonimorganbooks



A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court has nothing on Jim Metzger’s Sacred Mounds. For one thing, not only does Salvador (Lewis) Samuels, a recently divorced New Yorker find himself in an earlier century, he finds himself in another man’s body, a Native American’s body. And blind. And that man, Skyfisher, a Natchez Indian, suddenly finds himself in Lewis’s world. And sighted. Try and get your head around that.
Although I was in awe of Metzger’s impeccable research, the idea of each man finding himself in a completely different time and culture, not knowing the language or customs, not knowing if he’d ever go back to his own time and people, struck me as the most meaningful and thought-provoking. Perhaps because I, too, have lived in a foreign country where I didn’t understand the language or customs of the people. But at least I had the ability to write home or telephone. A lesson I learned during that time is that even though I didn’t completely understand the language, the essence of the people I met came through. I think Lewis and Skyfisher found the same thing—good people and bad people.
Sacred Mounds is a helluva ride. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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