Sleuthing in the Bastille area of PARIS

  • Book: Murder in the Bastille
  • Location: Paris
  • Author: Cara Black

Review Author: tripfiction



Murder in the Bastille by Cara Black is one of a series of go-to books to evoke the City of Light. The author sets Aimée Leduc, sleuth and forensic computer hack, in different arrondissements around the city as she faces innumerable murders that need solving. The flics are inevitably outwitted by this sassy young woman, whose father was a policeman, killed in a terrorist bombing. Through his work associates, she can call on the input of his former colleagues, although they do have their idionsyncracies.

IMG_0729So, to the plot of this novel set in the Bastille. As the book opens Aimée is having a business dinner, seated next to a woman who happens to be wearing the same Chinese jacket. As she leaves the restaurant, their identities are confused, and Aimée is attacked and left for dead. The other woman is attacked and killed shortly thereafter. The notion of “scratch the Paris dirt and find a body” both past and present seems to be a rather true observation….Both attack and killing are attributed to the Beast of the Bastille, a notorious killer of women, but Aimée has other ideas. And despite an infirmity sustained during the attack at the beginning, she valiantly ploughs on with her investigations with the help of her short sidekick René. Wonderfully observed for locale (loved that she had drinks in a bar on the Boulevard Richard Lenoir, near where we were staying and I pinpointed what I imagined to be the bar!). There is a lot of mayhem as the story progresses, a big rig overturns on the Periphérique, a TGV crashes, there are mad cap dashes across the city, it’s entertaining; and the Bastille, the “cradle of revolutions, mother of street-fighters and artisans” certainly gets a good look-in.

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