“Small Town. Sinister Crime”

  • Book: Death At Eden’s End
  • Location: Eden Valley, The Lake District
  • Author: Jo Allen

Review Author: Yvonne@FictionBooks



I have to confess that having taken part in the Blog Tour for Death By Dark Waters, the first episode in the Jude Satterthwaite series, that book is now still languishing in my TBR pile, along with so many other excellent novels, which arrive much more regularly than I can ever hope to read them!

I was therefore a little sceptical about jumping into the series with the second book, just in case there was a backstory which was pivotal to the ongoing storyline. I was however, pleasantly surprised to quickly discover that although there are indeed a couple of very strong secondary stories set to continue on through the series, author Jo Allen has made it easy, with some quite concise and clever narrative, to bring me right up to date with events very quickly and without impinging on Jude’s latest case too much, meaning that Death At Eden’s End, works just fine as a stand alone story.

The storyline isn’t too frenetic or fast paced, although it does move along steadily and there are several unexpected twists and turns, some of which were quite touching and emotional, many of which I definitely never saw coming, all of which made me never quite 100% sure who the murderer really was, right up until the reveal!

With a definite maturity of writing giving Death By Dark Waters the feel of a typically British, ‘classic’ crime thriller, all the action, with one or two exceptions in the narrative, takes place in one very small confined geographic area. The cast of characters, almost without exception, are vulnerable to one degree or another, with secrets to hide and whilst none are particularly enigmatic or engaging, all are suspects in this most bizarre of murders.

As with every other detective, both fictional and I strongly suspect in reality, Jude Satterthwaite leads a very chaotic and complicated life, which has left him damaged and struggling to reconcile his private and professional life, especially when they are practically one and the same thing! There are times during the course of this investigation, when professionalism has to fight really hard to come out on top, even more so by the time the case has been closed, leaving me to wonder how author Jo Allen is going to move things forward when duty calls for Jude and his team again!

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