A Solid 3.5 Stars

  • Book: The Silent Dead
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Author: Tetsuya Honda

Review Author: roxywanders



Thank you TripFiction and Tetsuya Honda for providing the book in exchange for an honest review.

The Silent Dead is a murder mystery set in Tokyo authored by a Japanese author. A solid 3.5 star for me.
Writing: solid, well-written. I was drawn in early. I was a bit shocked, taken back, perhaps is a better description of my reaction when I read the first description of the serial killer’s victim. It was in your face bloody.
I am not familiar with any of the Japanese culture. I felt the setting and cultural information rather fascinating. The lack of private vehicles and sidearms, the rather intense political culture, and the hierarchy within the police departments lent this thriller to be a fascinating read.
Characters: All the characters, with the exception of Lt. Reiko Kimekawa seemed to be self-centered. Honor plays a huge part in this part of the world. I get that. I am from the Western Hemisphere. The treatment of men and women, to the extent described, is rather foreign in my part of the world.
Lt. Reiko is a strong woman who used a personal tragedy to rise within the rank of a male dominated hierarchy. Her strength was believable. I had promise and hope for Lt. Reiko, UNTIL, the last 50 or so pages. Lt. Reiko loses her focus. REALLY? I do not want to provide any spoilers here. I lost faith in Honda’s characterization of Lt. Reiko and this point. There is a disconnect here!!!

All though there are minor flaws in this first book in this series, Tetsuya Honda has my interest. The writing was solid, I enjoyed the killer twist at the end. I am interested in the growth of Lt. Reiko and reading more of this genre set in Japan.

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