“Stories, Verse and Reflection”

  • Book: The Night Fisher Elegies
  • Location: Australia, Oceania
  • Author: Dean Mayes

Review Author: Yvonne@FictionBooks



Written between 2013 and 2022 this book is neatly compiled into three sections, beginning with a series of short stories, the journey then continues on in verse, and fittingly ends with reflections.

It is almost impossible, and would be a complete travesty of justice, for me to review this book as a dispassionate collection of writing, as it is so intensely personal to the author, that any thoughts I might have about its content or the style in which it is written, would and indeed should, be rendered worthless to anyone but myself. It would be akin to rating someone’s private thoughts and feelings. However, I have no hesitation in awarding this collection 5*, because not only do you experience an intimate and interesting glimpse into Dean’s personal life and family connections, with all their ups and downs, but it becomes obvious in an instant, what an excellent multi-disciplined writer he is across the genres, which is all too ably demonstrated in the four diverse, multi-genre novels, he has published to critical acclaim, to date.

The ‘Verse’ and ‘Reflection’ sections in particular, are where Dean reflects on and self-examines, particular aspects, influences, and events pertaining to specific periods of happiness, sadness, trauma, nostalgia, memories and love, which have shaped his life and made him the person he is today. I have shared a scant few memorable lines from these words, as they really do need to be read and digested in context, as part of the whole. They are not really open to interpretation by the outside world, they are just there, laid down in print as a personal tribute, in Dean’s own inimitable style with words.

‘Virtually knowing’ Dean, as I have for several years now, whilst I can also obviously attribute some of the ‘Short Stories’ to specific events from his own life, they contrive to work together cohesively, to cover a broad spectrum of genres and virtually the full gamut of emotions and feelings. The stories are all open to individual interpretation and not all have happy, feel-good endings. In fact, I did wonder at one point, if I was reading more into the storylines than I perhaps should have been, as for every ending which did hold out a glimmer of hope for the future, I managed to form an alternative conclusion, which took on much darker and more sinister tones, but perhaps that is just my overly pessimistic view of life, to which only I seem able to relate! Anyway, I have shared just one selection of my many memorable lines, from each of the stories, which I hope you will enjoy and will provoke as much thought, as they did for me.

There are themes which recur throughout and cross the divide of all three mediums, and I found it absorbing to see just how differently a similar scenario can play out and be interpreted, depending on the style in which the writing is couched and how it is visually presented. The lost; the lonely; the anonymous invisibility of old age; the tricks medication can play on our minds; childhood dreams; the love of family… each story tugs on a different heart string.

There are many layers to these intriguing, atmospheric, wonderfully textured and totally immersive sets of essays and verse. The writing is as deeply insightful, achingly evocative and beautifully poignant as I would have expected, coming from Dean’s pen.

Whether it be Dean himself, or one of his ‘guest characters’, each of them is well enough developed to identify with, despite the brevity of their experiences and whilst not all are compelling and indeed, many are quite complex and emotionally fragile, they are all genuine and believable in the roles they have been asked to play and have been given a clear voice with which to tell their stories.

What always makes reading such a wonderful experience for me, is that with each and every new book, I am taken on a unique and individual journey, by authors who fire my imagination, stir my emotions and stimulate my senses. This was definitely one of those “one of a kind” experiences, which had the power to evoke so many feelings, that I’m sure I won’t have felt the same way about it as the last reader, nor the next. I can only recommend that you read The Night Fisher Elegies for yourself and see where your journey leads you!

Sometimes reading something different from my usual selection of genres really is like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for yet another amazing journey, Dean. I’m still holding out hopes for another novel from you, further down the line!

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