• Book: An Act of Love
  • Location: Alpes-Maritimes
  • Author: Carol Drinkwater

Review Author: MiriamSmith



An Act of Love
By Carol Drinkwater

– A sweeping and evocative love story about bravery and courage in our darkest hours –

The author was so inspired by a true story that took place in 1943 in ‘Switzerland of the Alpes-Maritimes’, that she felt compelled to write a novel based on that wartime summer. Though entirely fictional, it has been crafted on the inspiration gleaned on the history of the stunning village, whilst she was visiting the area herself.
‘An Act of Love’ was superbly told with a beautiful voice and with immense atmospheric detail. Packed with emotion and tragedy of the era, it was impossible to not form an affinity with the characters. Sara was such a strong young woman, only just turning seventeen, with the intelligence and compassion of a much older adult. I was rooting constantly for her and Alain to survive the war and the imminent German invasion, so they could become the couple they so desired to be. Sara’s determination in the belief she would see her Jewish parents again, was heartbreaking and my heart truly went out to the refugees fleeing for their lives.
I was drawn in instantly with the bus journey through the stunning scenery as it travelled through the winding roads of the mountains. A real page turner, I was captivated by the tenderly written words and knowing it was inspired from a true life story made it all the more fascinating. I thought the ending very befitting and always admire stories that feature unsung anonymous heroes, who were just as responsible for aiding the war as any frontline fighter.
Evocatively written and with authentic descriptions of the location, era and emotions, I loved this book and can highly recommend.
5 stars

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