A Sussex ghost story

  • Book: The House on Cold Hill
  • Location: Sussex
  • Author: Peter James

Review Author: andrewmorris51



Ollie and Caro Harcourt are thrilled to be moving from Brighton to a dilapidated Georgian mansion, deep in the tranquil Sussex countryside. Their 12 year-old daughter Jade is initially less excited than her parents, but soon comes to love the acres of grounds, the natural landscape around them….and thinks having a ghost at Cold Hill is really rather cool.

But the plot rapidly becomes more and more sinister, and the ghostly being clearly has evil planned for the family, rather than a benign welcome. Rogue emails sent from Ollie’s computer threaten to destroy his web design business, the bed rotates 180 degrees overnight, malevolent texts appear on Ollie’s mobile phone before dissolving into thin air, and people start dying.

Will the family be able to understand the house’s sad history – and release the ghostly curse – in time for them to avoid becoming premature graves in the village churchyard, like previous residents of the House on Cold Hill…?

The spooky tale is deeply embedded in Sussex – the house is near the beautiful Downs, the Harcourts shop in nearby Burgess Hill and the author uses the location effectively as a separate character in the spine-tingling plot.

Who ever knew such a beautiful county could harbour such evil?

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