thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Book: Eat Pray Love
  • Location: Bali, India, Rome
  • Author: Elizabeth Gilbert



What a pleasure to find such an intelligently written book that’s actually ABOUT something. Liz’s search for happiness and meaning in her life is a truly enriching read, often very funny too. I didn’t mind the endless self-analysis!

We see Rome through the eyes of Liz’s Italian friends, which is fun – the ranting Lazio football fan who teaches her Italian swear-words, or Giulio who tips her off about the word of the street (in Rome, it’s SEX. In Naples, FIGHT. And yes, it’s a book that has a lot to say about language!) Then Liz’s retreat to an ashram in India gives a wonderful insight into spiritual devotion in a country where religion is very much alive. In Bali, the country is shown through Liz’s relationships with the people she meets there – Balinese, or Brazilian…

I loved it.

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