A time, a place and it’s people captured perfectly

  • Book: Love and War in the Appenines
  • Location: The Appenines
  • Author: Eric Newby

Review Author: golondrine



This true story captures a time, a place and its people perfectly. Set in Italy near the end of WWII, Eric Newby is captured by the Italians during a raid in Sicily, but is later released when they turn against the Nazis. Relying on his wits and the help of charismatic locals, he retreats to ever more remote locations in the Appenine Mountains to evade the advancing German military. The tranquility of his surroundings and selfless generosity of the people, always described beautifully, sit in stark contrast to the backdrop of the war that is raging in Europe at the time. One of Newby’s best books in my opinion.

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