Transported to Venezia

  • Book: Miss Garnet’s Angel
  • Location: Venice
  • Author: Salley Vickers

Review Author: Bev Bookless



Going to Venice? Read this book. Not going read it anyway and you will want to go.
I read this book for the second time just before my holiday to Italy with a final 3 days in that wonderful city of Venice.
The first time I read this book I skipped through it because it was so good. The second time I took a more Italian approach and enjoyed even more the delights of the story, the magic of angels, new friendships and experiences. The church and Campo exist, Chiesa S Raffaelle is a serene, small church in a small, serene square. I visited them and could imagine Miss Garnet walking through the streets, looking down over the campo from her rented apartment and visiting the church and looking at the restoration. She is intrigued by the ‘touch’ of the angel Raffaelle and explores the religious writings about the 7 angels. The special delight in this book and which for me added another dimension was the sub story of The Book of Tobit from the Apocrypha.
I think Venice is a magical place anyway but this book really enhanced my sense of mystic on my recent visit. I highly recommend it.

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