A trip around East Berlin

  • Book: Stealing the Future
  • Location: Berlin
  • Author: Max Hertzberg

Review Author: Dittie



Stealing the Future takes the events of 1989 in East Germany and gives them a different ending (instead of unification with West Germany they stay independent and experiment with grassroots democracy). This forms the backdrop for a national crisis that involves the Stasi, the KGB, British Intelligence and a few other players.

As well as the usual places (such as the Stasi HQ in Lichtenberg and the Soviet Army HQ in Karlshorst) the reader is taken on a tour of some of the more obscure corners of East Berlin (and a couple in the west too).

A great way to see Berlin from a different perspective (includes a tour guide to some of the places in the book, more are on the author’s website: www.maxhertzberg.co.uk)

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