Unlike any thriller I’ve ever read

  • Book: Don’t Swipe Right
  • Location: Eastbourne
  • Author: L M Chilton

Review Author: Dangerkid



The best way to describe Don’t Swipe Right? It’s a twisty thriller mixed with a Richard Curtis movie, Bridget Jones meets Scream, Agatha Christie if she’d lived in the age of Tinder…

It’s edgy and exciting, but it also has a dark comedic edge. I loved following the main character Gwen on all her awful dates, and then trying to work out who the mysterious killer was. Honestly, I didn’t figure it out until the very last chapter! I’d really recommend this book to anyone in a bit of a reading slump, as it’s a real page-turner and I had to stop myself finishing it in one sitting.

Out of season Eastbourne is a great setting for a murder mystery – no tourists, just disgruntled locals and cold, windy beaches…

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