Very enjoyable read

  • Book: The Little Theatre By The Sea
  • Location: Dorset, Sardinia
  • Author: Rosanna Ley

Review Author: [email protected]



A very enjoyable summer holiday read. The heroine, Faye, is newly qualified as an interior designer and not sure what to do next when an old friend, now married to a Sardinian, invites her to stay. The added incentive is the possibility of Faye’s first commission – organising the restoration of a disused theatre that was once the pride of the little town of Deriu where Faye’s friend lives.
Characters include the brother (Alessandro) and sister who own the theatre; an elderly former actor, Pasquale, who haunts it and dreads change, and a host of townspeople, mainly hostile to change too.
The action veers from Sardinia to Dorset where Faye’s parents are having marital difficulties. There are plenty of twists to the plot before the dramatic denouement and, on the way, Faye’s attraction to the brooding and moody Alessandro doesn’t make her task any easier.
For me, the scenes set in Sardinia worked best. The crumbling charm of the old town, the heat, light, and of course the delicious Mediterranean food were beautifully evoked and it made me want to take the next plane. I recommend this if you like romantic novels with atmospheric settings and a good plot.

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