Vespas and espresso!

  • Book: The Fallen Angel
  • Location: Rome
  • Author: David Hewson



As a regular visitor to Rome I could follow exactly where all the characters were walking, or whizzing on a vespa, and this was wonderful, because I spend my life walking round Rome in my head! For someone who may not be so familiar with the city, the novel is full of fabulous atmospheric detail and includes references to great places to eat which I fully intend to follow up. This is the latest in a series of crime novels featuring the same team of investigators and having read this one, I am really looking forward to starting at the beginning! The central character Nic Costa is charismatic and his colleagues are a mixed bunch of wholly believable and engaging people – they are all interesting in their own right. The story is gripping and keeps you guessing until the end and I finished it with a sense of disappointment that it was over. A great read.

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