Walk around Bath in the Characters’ Footsteps

  • Book: The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen
  • Location: Bath
  • Author: Ada Bright, Cass Grafton

Review Author: Elizabeth_BD



TripFiction is THE prefect place for this book. Because with it in your hand you can walk around Bath and follow all the adventures as almost as one of the characters. There is even a map of Bath in the beginning of the book with all the locations marked. What can be better for a dedicated reader?
What else to say about this book?
It is a charming novel set in Bath (as you have probably already guessed), with an abundance of references to Bath’s iconic attractions as well as its lesser known sites, with humour, romance, time-travelling and mystery. If that was not enough – there are many references to well-loved books and historical events for the eager reader to spot. The particular twist that bewitched my imagination was a notion about our world WITHOUT Jane Austen. I do not think I’ve ever read anything that explores such an extraordinary (and somewhat distressing) idea. Furthermore, there is one character in the book that, I think, might have been particularly challenging for the authors to deal with. Again, without giving too much away, I confess that that character quickly became my favourite. She (for it was a she!) felt real, not too sweet, intelligent, sometimes abrupt, not suffering fools gladly, her own woman. How wonderfully refreshing!
To conclude: I liked the book very much indeed, am looking forward to the sequel and want to see it on the big (or small – to start with) screen. An absolute must for any Jane Austen enthusiast, but will be a very pleasant read for anyone – whether you are into Jane Austen or not.

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