Wonderfully atmospheric… haunting

  • Book: The Bell In The Lake
  • Location: Butangen, Norway
  • Author: Lars Mytting

Review Author: MarieP



Wow! Atmospheric, transporting, poetically descriptive, both substantiative and easy to read, what can I say? I loved it!

This is the English translation of a work originally written and popularized in Norwegian. I was surprised at just how well nuanced language, subtle references, and word plays just WORKED even in translation. It seemed like it MUST have been written in the language that I read. Kudos to both the author AND the translator.

The sense of place is incredibly strong. I feel like I really understand 1880’s village life in Norway.

I uncovered this last year when I was planning my first trip to Norway, and finally read it now because of a library reading challenge category for translated work, and with both of these concluded now I still can’t wait to dive into the second in the trilogy ‘The Reindeer Hunters.’

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