Wow! – emotional rollercoaster

  • Book: The Paris Wife
  • Location: Europe, North America, Paris
  • Author: Paula McLain



This book is centred around the love and losses of Hadley, the girl who falls passionately in love and continues to stay devoted to Ernest, even though at times, you as the reader, are screaming for her to see sense.

Although good descriptions of Paris, there are a number of other venues involving including Spain during the festival season. The scenes are generally centred around restaurants and bars with a strong social community where drinking to extremes everyday is common place. This does get somewhat tiresome at times, although perhaps this is indicative of the bohemian lifestyle in Paris at that time.

The dynamics of the various loves and friendships continues to evolve as the book continues making for a calm conclusion towards the end. Hadley finally appears to find contentment and happiness.

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