You’ll make some new Old Friends in this visit to a charming New England community with dark secrets…

  • Book: BEFORE
  • Location: Vermont
  • Author: J Kilburn

Review Author: jkilburn



(NOTE and Full Disclosure: This is the Author’s extended synopsis of his own book. Location and Content ratings are derived from an average of current reviews and ratings across Editorial and retail forums.)

Writer J. Kilburn introduces three teen characters in this book: one of them will soon become a mother, one a father, and one of them will be dead before the arrival of their twenty-sixth birthday. Readers shouldn’t make any early assumptions as to which end will befall whom – Kilburn weaves a tangled web of fate and circumstance that will leave readers shocked and delighted in equal measure. A large and loveable supporting cast fleshes out the lives and adventures of these central characters. Readers will finish the tale hand-in-hand with a community of new Old Friends who will be fondly remembered long after the book is closed.

The tale starts with money – lost and scattered cash that is loose to the winds on a tree-lined rural Vermont road. The money scene ends with a clean segue into the introduction and character development of Bruce Sutton, a young man scouting potential college choices.

Other characters are gradually introduced, and along with them come romance, international intrigue, and an array of moral conflicts. By Chapter Three readers are absorbed in a family and community drama and have likely forgotten all about both that money and the looming fate that awaits one of these endearing characters. There are many inter-woven tales told in this book, but they all coalesce in the final two chapters, where readers once more see the wind-blown money and realize that they have been happily consorting with the maker of all this ill-gotten gain throughout nearly every page of this book set in a supposedly charming and pastoral Vermont college town.

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