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A brilliant thriller set in Hamburg’s SANKT PAULI district

16th June 2023

The Acapulco by Simone Buchholz, a brilliant thriller set in Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli district.

Translated by Rachel Ward.

A brilliant thriller set in Hamburg's SANKT PAULI district

The Acapulco is the sixth book in Simone Buchholz’s Chastity Riley, Hamburg State Prosecutor, series. It is every bit as good as the previous five. We again meet all our favourite characters in the Sankt Pauli police department as they, and Chastity, solve the mystery of dancers from The Acapulco club being killed, their hair being cut off and replaced by a cheap plastic wig before the bodies are left in places where they will be easily found. It is a race against time and a real page turner.

Chastity’s strength is being able to insert herself into the minds of the sickest people committing the most horrendous of crimes – and thus help bring them to justice. In this book (as in the others) she again finds herself in great danger. The Sankt Pauli red light district of Hamburg comes through loud and clear in Simone’s writing. She lives just off the area and the seedy bars and the coffee shops she describes all ring very true. Four of the previous books in the series have dual locations – River Clyde is set in Glasgow and Hamburg, Hotel Cartagena in Cartagena and Hamburg, Mexico Street in Bremen and Hamburg, and Beton Rouge in Bavaria and Hamburg. But in The Acapulco she returns to the sole location of Hamburg, her home city and where the series started with Blue Night. The Acapulco is a brilliant thriller set in Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli district.

The Chasity Riley series is a best seller in Germany and has won several prestigious awards. The recognition is well deserved.

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