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A romcom with photography (and romance) at its heart

24th May 2023

Shooters by Julia Boggio, a romcom with photography (and romance) at its heart. Set in England, France and Italy.

A romcom with photography (and romance) at its heart

Stella Price is a photographer and now desperate to hone her skills as a wedding photographer. The natural choice for her would be to attend one of Connor Knight’s courses – he is a photographer who has rock star status. The next course is being held in France but it’s full and she would struggle to afford it anyway; but that doesn’t deter her. She will do almost anything to move on from taking snaps of hen-some chickens, which was her last gig, but her main work to date had been working as a copywriter, working on campaigns for erectile dysfunction.

We discover that Stella is a sassy woman with her own demons and history – she is forever apologising and getting herself into scrapes, and has to deal with the odd panic attack. Her last bit of poor judgement was her affair with her boss, which derailed her career, and her parents would absolutely slate her if they found out, her mother being strict Italian Catholic and her father a hard-nosed CEO.

In a pub she girds her loins to approach the star photographer and finds herself challenging him to a Thumb War (yes, I had to look up what that involves) and if she wins, he will create an extra place on the course in France and if she loses, well… she will have to think of new directions. For her, this just isn’t an option! And with pure determinations she finds herself attending the week long course at the Château Bon Chance in France.

A romcom with photography (and romance) at its heartShe is then handed the opportunity to take the shots at a society wedding being held at Cliveden, which normally would have been handled by Connor, and against her better judgement she goes for it. And finally she is called up to Lake Como, to help capture another wedding and where she runs into the last person she would expect.

Stella falls for Connor early on in the story, with warnings against doing so ringing in her ears, and she doesn’t want to make the same mistakes all over again. Will she listen to her head or to her heart?

An easy-to-read romcom that made me smile in parts.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

Tina for the TripFiction Team


Catch her on Twitter @juliaboggio and on IG @juliaboggio

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