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A Tarot mystery set in Barnes, LONDON

6th March 2021

The Case of The Fool by E V Harte, a tarot mystery set in Barnes, London.

A Tarot mystery set in Barnes, LONDON

Jolly Dolly (because that is really what she is) has just returned from an exotic holiday in St Lucia to her cute cottage on Tinderbox Lane, only to find her 22 year old daughter, Pippa (who is a bit of wilful handful) awaiting her. Her daughter has ushered a rather curmudgeonly Russian into her consulting room, who is awaiting Dolly’s arrival.

Put on the spot, Dolly has to focus and thus immediately reaches for the Tarot pack that she uses to read for herself. She pulls The Fool. This card can represent many things – optimism, fresh starts, innocence; it also means that a fool can enthusiastically step over the edge to their doom. This puts Dolly on edge and she has to really concentrate on finding her equilibrium.

The story she hears from Marina is not a salutary one. Marina describes her situation, which is one essentially of exploitation. She has a lazy boyfriend who seems to have an eye on her capital assets (namely a flat gifted to her by an older lady for whom she cared in the last stages of her life, in which the two of them now live). She is however keen to marry her boyfriend because that would enable her to remain in England. Sagacious Dolly does her best to warn her off as she reads the rather alarming spread of cards in front of her.

Down Dolly’s twee lane, much has changed in the intervening weeks of her holiday absence and new characters infiltrate her life. A squat at no. 7 has been established and Pippa seems drawn the occupants (perhaps one in particular). There are cups of tea on the go and a great mix of characters, some of whom could be straight out of Cluedo. Professor Filthy is in charge of the residents’ committee, a new resident with a bit of history.

Murder of course will manifest but who and where and when? This is a reasonably light, sleuthing caper which will keep you entertained. You will also learn a tiny bit about the mysteries of Tarot.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

E V Harte is a pen name used by Daisy Waugh. Catch her on Twitter

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