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A House in Stockholm

Author(s): Kathy Harter

Location(s): Stockholm, Washington DC

Genre(s): Political, Thriller

Era(s): Present day

Life as an ex-spy for the C.I.A is tough enough when ghosts of the past refuse to let go. Chasing bad guys is all Joshua Daine knows, when he could avoid any personal involvement with work. Now, cut loose, reconnected with his father, financier Bennett Daine, and feelings for his longtime partner, Valerie Rhodes, no longer buried, emotions are suddenly complicated.
Shifting gears completely he decides that, as a surprise for his father, he and Valerie will finish the remodel of a house in Stockholm, a long forgotten childhood home bought for him by his best friend, recently assassinated. Dealing with being a weekend handyman is bad enough but when the assassin shows up, old wounds are reopened. Emil Gayegos, from back in his training days, was hired for the kill and is now himself being hunted. A nice Swedish girl saves him from a bullet but it was her brother that fired the shot. Sorting bad guys from good guys is not easy.
Back in D.C. a former ambassador took his own life, or did he? His son found him and the police believe he was involved. The Vice President’s Chief of Staff was there, it was an accident but who will believe that? No one saw him, he’s in the clear. He soon learns it’s not that simple.
Bodies begin to pile up. Who needs to protect an extensive and far reaching report on Climate Change in the Global Economy, full of the latest scientific facts and proposed legal changes? Why is this report coming to light dangerous enough to kill two men on the research committee?
Back into action Joshua and Valerie follow a trail that leads to the highest levels of government ambition and cover up.

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