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A Meeting in Seville

A Meeting in Seville

Author(s): Paul A Mendelson

Location(s): Seville

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern looking back to 1980s



A Meeting in Seville follows a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. They return to Seville on Semana Santa (Easter) for a `second honeymoon’, a gift from their daughter, only to encounter their own younger selves, on their first honeymoon exactly 30 years earlier. William Sutherland (53), is stressed, work-obsessed and alienated from his vibrant Spanish wife Luisa (52), whom he suspects of an affair with old friend and current business partner Sandy. He could do without a 30th anniversary gift from their concerned daughter. When they encounter their happily-honeymooning selves, (Will 23 and Lu 22) they think they’ve gone mad. Somehow two worlds have collided in this unchanging city – yet the only element of the other era is that the two couples can see each other. William and Luisa recognise `themselves’ but the youngsters think they’re simply a nice if fractious couple here in Seville in 1988. William is drawn to the appealing young woman his wife once was. Whilst Luisa looks in sadness at the couple these sweet lovers have become. But Sandy, William’s best-man was also in Seville that long-ago week. Was this when the fatal `attraction’ took hold? When William accidentally discovers that he has the ability to tamper with history, he contrives to ease the young Sandy out of Luisa’s life but soon finds his efforts turning into something more potent…

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

A book featuring a boarding card to Seville the cover! What’s not to like in TripFiction terms. The author has created a wonderful concept. William and Luisa Sutherland have been bundled off by their...

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