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A Nail Through the Heart

A Nail Through the Heart

Author(s): Timothy Hallinan

Location(s): Bangkok

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Modern



Travel writer Poke Rafferty was good at looking for trouble – so good that he made a little money writing a few offbeat travel guides for the young and terminally bored. But that was before Bangkok stole his heart. Now the expat American is happily playing family with Rose, the former go-go dancer he wants to marry, and with Miaow, the wary street child he wants to adopt. Yet just when everything is beginning to work out, trouble comes looking for Poke in the guise of good intentions. First he takes in Miaow’s friend, a troubled and terrifying street urchin named Superman. Then he agrees to find a distraught Aussie woman’s missing uncle – and accept an old woman’s generous payment to find a blackmailing thief. Suddenly he finds himself pulled into a dark side of Bangkok that he doesn’t know or understand, but everything he has is suddenly under threat.

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Lead Review

Bangkok scenes are exceptionally well drawn, the feel is authentic. He clearly knows the Thai people well (the author has travelled back and forth from the States to SE Asia over many years) and...

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