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A Nest of Voodoo Dolls

A Nest of Voodoo Dolls

Author(s): Betty Knight

Location(s): Gaborone, Botswana

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction

Era(s): 2013

Botswana Police Sergeant Duski Lôcha is the daughter of a Zionist preacher whose sermons berate witch doctors and their ungodly practises. Desperate to find a man she could call her own in a culture where infidelity is the norm and the possibility of forming a monogamous relationship is as unlikely as getting frostbite in the Kalahari, Duski does the unthinkable in order to achieve this goal. With her father’s sermons constantly whirling around her head, she seeks the services of a local witch doctor who prescribes her a ritual bath. But when Ali, the constable she later meets and falls in love with after taking the prescribed bath, becomes the third victim of an elusive killer, Duski begins to wonder if this is the work of a wrathful deity. Like the other victims, when Ali’s body is discovered, his genitals are missing, but Duski is convinced that the ritual bath she took before meeting him, has something to do with his death-if she hadn’t taken the bath, would he still be alive? With neither suspects nor leads and unwilling to let the murder of one of their own go cold, CID begin to take an interest in Duski’s whereabouts on the night Ali died. The lack of a credible alibi and the determination to get CID off her back and find her boyfriend’s killer leaves Duski with a difficult choice. But can her father’s sermons stop her from crossing over to the dark side?

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