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And Brother It’s Starting to Rain

And Brother It’s Starting to Rain

Author(s): Jake Needham

Location(s): Thailand, Washington DC

Genre(s): Crime, Thriller

Inspector Samuel Tay has retired from Singapore CID so he’s no longer actually a police inspector. It wasn’t entirely his idea, but that’s another story. John August is a guy who has saved Tay’s butt more than once over the years. He’s an American who may or may not do something for the CIA.

Now August wants to collect on all those favors Tay owes him. He needs Tay’s help to investigate a murder.

‘Whose murder?’ Tay asks.

‘Mine,’ August tells him.

Tay’s little inner voice is shouting at him not to get involved. He’s a cop, he keeps telling himself, not a spy — well, at least he used to be a cop — but he’s bored and curious so how can he resist? Apparently, there’s a woman who knows who tried to kill August, and that’s a good place to start if only Tay can figure out who she actually is.

When Tay picks up the woman’s trail, he follows her first to a beach resort on the coast of Thailand that is surely one of the most notorious towns on earth, and then on to Washington DC, another town that is equally notorious, although perhaps for slightly different reasons.

Tay doesn’t want to go to Washington since he doesn’t like Americans very much, but he’s onto a murder plot that lies right at the heart of the American intelligence establishment, and Washington is where all the answers are.

Washington doesn’t frighten Samuel Tay. He’s the kind of man who lives to blow away the smoke and break the mirrors. The problem is that this time Tay is going up against people who may be too powerful to be exposed, people who know exactly how to protect themselves.

If Sam Tay gets too close to the truth, they’ll simply kill him.

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