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The Nineteen

Author(s): Jake Needham

Location(s): Bangkok

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller

Era(s): Turn 21st Century



In January 2000, nearly a dozen of Osama bin Laden’s most trusted lieutenants gathered secretly in Malaysia at, of all places, a luxurious condominium overlooking a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course. The purpose of this summit meeting of terrorists was to plan an attack on America, an attack the world would one day simply call 9/11.

When the meeting ended, some of the Al-Qaeda commanders returned to Afghanistan, but the rest went to Bangkok. Why did they go to Bangkok as soon as they set the plan for 9/11 into motion? No one knew. The CIA lost track of them.

THE NINETEEN is a novel about four Americans in Bangkok — Jack Shepherd, two local DEA men, and the FBI special agent at the American Embassy — who banded together in January 2000 to try to do what the CIA couldn’t. Find the Al-Qaeda commanders who were in the city and discover what they were planning.

They got close. Tantalizingly close. They just didn’t get quite close enough.

After the World Trade Center vanished in a cloud of fire and dust, they could only look at photographs of the smoldering ruins and realize that they might have stopped it all. They thought nothing could be worse than knowing they had failed.

And then they found out there was something worse.

There was something much worse.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

In the year 2000, terrorists gathered in Malaysia to plot a world changing event. Some returned to Afghanistan and some headed for Bangkok, where they disappeared into the thronging city. This is fiction based...

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