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Aren’t We Sisters?

Aren’t We Sisters?

Author(s): Patricia Ferguson

Location(s): Cornwall

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller

Era(s): 1930s



Norah Thornby can no longer afford to live in her grand family home in the centre of Silkhampton. Unless, perhaps, she can find a respectable lodger.


But Nurse Lettie Quick is not nearly as respectable as she seems. What’s really going on at the clinic she has opened? And why has she chosen Silkhampton?

Meanwhile the beautiful Rae Grainger has found the perfect place to stay, in an isolated house miles away from the town. It’s certainly rather creepy, especially at candlelit bedtime, but Rae knows that all she has to do is stay out of sight, until others – paid, professional others – are ready to take her little problem away. Then she can just forget the whole ghastly business . . . can’t she?

No one guesses, of course, that there’s a killer quietly at work in Silkhampton; that in one way or another all three women are in danger . . .

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Lead Review

A cover that caught my eye. And wonderful to find 3 women characters, yes, it’s a bit of a thriller but the subtlety of relationships, and the atmosphere are what makes this a winner.

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