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Avon Street

Avon Street

Author(s): Paul Emanuelli

Location(s): Bath

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction, Historical

Era(s): Mid 19th Century



One night, one rash act, one crime changed James Daunton’s life for ever. Robbed of everything he once had, and trapped in a merciless vendetta, James must now take on Nathaniel Caine and his gang to survive. Alone, he cannot hope to win, but to find allies he needs to learn to trust in a world of betrayal. Each of those who promise help has their own secrets, hidden in silences, half-truths and lies. And asked if it is fate, destiny, or simply chance that brings them together, each of them would have a different answer. Avon Street is an historical adventure story that takes the reader on a journey behind the Georgian facades of the city to expose the darker side of Victorian Bath. It is a book about the potential that lies, often unlocked or unrecognised, in all of us.

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Lead Review

The context of historical Bath totally comes alive. I imagine a whole lot of research has gone into this novel and a gripping storyline – Sarah T –

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