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Belas Rift: The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Volume 3

Belas Rift: The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Volume 3

Author(s): Stephan von Clinkerhoffen

Location(s): The Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Winchcombe

Genre(s): Science Fiction/Future, Fantasy

Era(s): Early 21st Century



Our young hero Stig and his female partner Meg chase the evil enemy’s leader Anet into a rift. This interdimensional portal brings them from their fantasyland through into a small village in 21st century England. Their mission is to stop this evil human from creating and releasing more deadly creatures back to their world to destroy all life there. Anet would do this so that she could take all the gold and riches which are commonplace there and use them on Earth where they have high value.
Coming from a simple culture with no petrol, electricity or money the pair struggle to understand things like English motorways with roundabouts and traffic lights, creating mayhem as they drive the streets. They wonder why humans are so obsessed with staring at their “little black boxes,” and find that the gold coins in England are not made of gold. Even more shocking is the discovery that humans eat animals, a practice they think of as murder.
There are humorous scenes where Stig misuses electricity and nearly destroys a house, Meg tastes processed food and proclaims it an inedible mix of chemicals and salt, and the couple repay a mean sheep farmer by setting his own sheep on him.
They follow a series of clues which interact with real places, objects and happenings in and around the Cotswolds in England. Eventually discovering an underground Temple of Life managed by immortalised people from English history, and from their own world all working together.

Note: The book brings fantasy characters from their world to Gloucestershire in England. They visit Deerhurst, Apperley, Winchcombe, Stanway, Cheltenham and other places in the Cotswolds. Sudeley Castle, Belas Knap and St. Peters Church are among other locations mentioned. A great read for all ages especially if you are visiting Gloucestershire.

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Author: Sally

Mind teasing, fantasy adventure for younger readers, Belas Rift: The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham proves a wonderfully imaginative read with Stephan von Clinkerhoffen bringing both vision and viewpoint to the children’s science fiction and...

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