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Author(s): Lior Samson

Location(s): Florida, Madeira, Poland

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern and WW2



What could be dangerous about the idyllic, picturesque island of Madeira? Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic, would seem to be a perfect destination for technology journalist Karl Lustig and his wife, Shira Markham. But, Karl, on his way to lecture at the University of Madeira, is carrying military microchips for his colleagues at the Madeira Intelligent Robotics Institute. Karl’s talent for trouble leads him into uncovering a puzzle in the chipset he is delivering, one he designed with Israel Tactical Systems for advanced avionics applications. His digital detective work will put him in danger and demand decisive action from Shira. Chipset-a Homeland Connection thriller that also stands on its own-is a fast-paced chronicle of a vacation that becomes a history lesson about homeward journeys and personal discoveries. The adventure will challenge Karl and Shira’s notions of commitment to country and principles and will change the direction of their lives

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Lead Review

The author has been compared to John le Carre and Tom Clancy. An international setting that takes the reader from one destination to another at a heady tempo – StoryReader –

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