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Clean Point

Author(s): Meg Jones

Location(s): Wimbledon

Genre(s): Fiction, Romance

Era(s): Contemporary

Scottie Sinclair is a cheat.

Or at least, that’s what the world thinks. After all, who would believe her own father secretly drugged her?

The tabloids have called ‘Game, Set, Match’ on Scottie’s career–but an offer at redemption, and more importantly revenge, may give her the chance at a clean serve.

Nico Kotas reigned the tennis world for almost a decade–until an injury took him from the baseline.

Now with a clear bill of health, he’s hungry for one last title. But his public image needs a new game plan — and according to his coach, his former rival’s daughter is the perfect advantage.

But with old enemies on the sidelines, scandal is seconds away.

Because, after all, revenge is best served Centre Court.

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