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Thriller set in Bangkok and Ko Samet

13th May 2024

The Trip by Phoebe Morgan, thriller set in Bangkok and Ko Samet.

Thriller set in Bangkok and Ko Samet


The novel opens with 2 couples – Saskia and Theo Sanderson, and their freinds Holly and Lucas – meeting up in Terminal 5 for their planned week-long holiday, first a couple of days in Bangkok and then just a short time on Ko Samet. There is wealth imbalance and the newlywed Sandersons don’t give a second thought to spending.  Lucas, from the outset, is on a loop working out the sums in his head and he knows that his girlfriend is budgeting on money  that is no longer available, as he is still in his teaching job but the hours he works have been severely curtailed. Holly knows nothing about this and therefore he carries the stress of his. However, he is not the only one in the party with a deep secret and someone has a much darker history that will come to haunt the party as the novel progresses.

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The girls go off to look for coffee, happily swerving Wetherspoons () and they chat through their hopes for the holiday. One young woman just wants to relax on a beach, the other wants see the sights. Strange they haven’t worked out their vacation goals before they set off but it does nicely set the scene for the ensuing story.

They arrive at their swish hotel – the Omni Tower in Sukhumvit Nana – only to find their booking hasn’t processed. The hotel is full, they have to find alternative accommodation for their first night, so they set off round the corner with warnings of being careful in the city, from both their taxi driver and the hotel staff, ringing in their ears…. Danger seemingly lurks everywhere.

After a tricky first night they return to the Omni and sink into the luxury of their base, as they start to explore the city. Wat Po is on the agenda, they explore the Erawan Waterfall outside the city and then it’s off on the ferry to Ko Samet, where time on the beach calls. Their longed-for downtime on the beach materialises for only a short while before everything starts to unravel.

I listened to this novel as an audiobook and I really enjoyed the crisp storytelling and literary tourism. It kept me hooked until the end and it is a really good example of a #destinationthriller. It might have you thinking twice about heading for Bangkok, but remember, the circumstances of the couples’ trip is unique!

Tina for the TripFiction Team 

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